Planning for the upcoming National Day celebration was main focus on the general meeting in March.

On Sunday, 26th March, PCAS held it’s 3rd General Meeting of 2023. 17 adults and 14 young people attended the meeting.

During the meeting, a new Management Committee was elected for 2023-24, approval for the amendment of PCAS constitution was adopted, and plans for the celebration of the National Day were discussed.

The next General Meeting is on Sunday, 30th April at 4pm. Everyone is welcome to join.


HAF Fun activities for 5 – 11 year olds in our community

It’s exciting to see our children take part in HAF Fun activities organised by one of our partners, URBOND.

HAF Fun activities provides activities and food to children during school holidays. PCAS is pleased to see it’s members involved in community activities organised by URBOND in partnership with HAF Fun Pompey.

READ MORE about HAF Fun Pompey with URBOND and HAF Fun Pompey.



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